[Standard] Three Views of Japan Amanohashidate and Ine Funaya Taxi / Rental Car Plan

  • Time required: 3 h
  • Transportation: CAR

Michelin Green Guide Visit two-star tourist destinations. The most popular sightseeing route in Tango, "Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan ⇒ Funaya in Ine"
A greedy classic course that tours the two major sightseeing spots of Amanohashidate and Ine Funaya by rental car or taxi
You can enjoy the spectacular view of Amanohashidate, the visit to the former Ise Kago Shrine, and the spectacular view of Funaya in Ine.

  • Port of Kyoto terminal2-JR Nishi-Maizuru Station

    When you get off the boat When you get off the boat, first take the shuttle bus to JR Nishi-Maizuru Station.
    Maizuru Port No. 2 Pier == [Shuttle Bus] == Nishi-Maizuru Station

    It is convenient to rent a car or take a taxi to Miyazu City and Ine Town.

    51 minutes [ 33.5km ]
  • Amanohashidate Former Ise Kago Shrine

    An old shrine called Moto Ise because it was moved to Ise.
    It became the number one shrine in Tango province during the Nara period, and became a famous shrine during the "Engishiki" during the Heian period. It is the only shrine in San'indō and boasts the highest shrine rank and history.
    In front of the main shrine, the five-colored seat balls (Suetama), which are only allowed to be enshrined at Ise Jingu and Kago Shrine, are shining.
    In the precincts, there is a suikinkutsu where you can hear the sound of water flowing underground, and its mysterious tone soothes your heart.

    Motoise Kono Shrine
    Location 430 Ogaki, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture
    Hours 7:00 to 17:00 (varies depending on the season)
    No rest
    Inquiries Former Ise Kago Shrine
    TEL: 0772-27-0006

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    7 minutes [ 0.1km ]
  • Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park (Observatory overlooking Amanohashidate)

    An observatory where you can overlook Amanohashidate from the north side. It is called the birthplace of crotch peeping.
    If you do a "crotch peep" from here, Amanohashidate will become heaven
    Because it looks like a rising dragon, it is called the "view of the rising dragon."
    Cable car ride time 4 minutes, lift ride time 6 minutes, 660 yen

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    23 minutes [ 16.3km ]
  • Ine Funaya Group Ineura Park

    The Funaya group in Ine, which has been selected as an important traditional buildings preservation area, has a traditional building structure with a boat garage on the first floor and a secondary living room on the second floor, each of which is close to the seaside. Since they are lined up, it looks as if they are floating in the sea when viewed from the sea. Even now, about 230 funayas still exist and are used as living spaces. There is also a tourist information center in Ineura Park
    There is a pay parking lot

    Ine Regional Headquarters (Ine Town Tourism Association)
    Address: 491 Hirata, Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
    Phone number: 0772-32-0277
    FAX: 0772-32-0773

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    3 minutes [ 0.2km ]
  • Mukai Brewery, the sake brewery closest to the sea in Japan

    Mukai Brewery, known as the sake brewery closest to the sea in Japan, has been standing in the streets of Funaya in Ine since its establishment in 1754. It is also known as the sake brewery of "Mr. Mori," whose daughter is the daughter of the Mukai family, and is working hard to develop new sake with the sensibility unique to women.
    The representative brand is "Kyoto no Haru", but the most popular is the red sake "Ine Mankai" made from ancient rice. The fruity taste of wine is especially appreciated by women.

    Mukai Brewery Co., Ltd.
    67 Hirata, Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
    TEL 0772-32-0003

    Estimated staying time:15 minutes

    3 minutes [ 0.2km ]
  • Enjoy Ine's Funaya from the sea. Boarding a sea taxi.

    Local boatmen will take you around Ine Bay while guiding you on your own boat.
    There is an encounter with the scenery of Funaya that you can not taste from land.

    Contact information from the Ine Town Tourism Association website

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    69 minutes [ 55.1km ]
  • Port of Kyoto terminal2

    Return to JR Nishi-Maizuru Station or Port of Kyoto terminal2 by rental car or taxi.
    A shuttle bus runs from JR Nishi-Maizuru Station to the second wharf

    Nishi-Maizuru Station == [Shuttle Bus] == Port of Kyoto terminal2