Around Fukuchiyama, a castle town built by Akechi Mitsuhide

  • Time required: 3 h
  • Transportation: TRAIN

Let's know one side of Ryo-kun and Mitsuhide from economic policy and hydraulic work!
Fukuchiyama, a castle town built by Akechi Mitsuhide.
Let's discover a new side from the achievements of Mitsuhide's good politics left in various parts of the city.
Also, in Fukuchiyama, which is also known as a town of sweets,
Don't miss the many exquisite sweets that are loved by the locals.
(Time required: 3 hours)

  • Port of Kyoto terminal2-JR Fukuchiyama Station

    When you get off the boat, first take the shuttle bus to JR Nishi-Maizuru Station.
    Take the train from Nishi-Maizuru Station and change at Ayabe Station to Fukuchiyama Station.

    Maizuru Port No. 2 Pier == [Shuttle Bus] == Nishi-Maizuru Station ==
    (10 minutes) 14:35 departure

    == [JR] == Ayabe Station == [JR] == Fukuchiyama Station
    14:52 departure
    14:55 departure 15:07 arrival

    There are various tourist pamphlets at the tourist information center just outside the north exit of Fukuchiyama Station, so it is perfect for collecting materials.

    10 minutes(Shuttle bus)
  • JR Nishi-Maizuru Station

    30 minutes
  • JR Fukuchiyama Station

    14 minutes [ 1.1km ]
  • Fukuchiyama Castle (Local Museum)

    [First, learn the character of Akechi Mitsuhide]
    Fukuchiyama Castle was rebuilt into a modern castle as a front-line base for the capture of the West when Akechi Mitsuhide settled Tamba at the behest of Nobunaga around 1579. After that, the castle tower was rebuilt in 1986.
    However, the stone wall remains as it was when it was first built, and Fukuchiyama Castle is the only place in Japan where you can see the stone wall of the Mitsuhide era. The precious stone walls made of diversion stones, such as the Hokyointo and the Gorinto, are very spectacular and must-see.
    (Time required: 1 hour)

    * Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00
    * Closed days: Tuesdays and New Year holidays
    * Admission fee: 320 yen for adults, 100 yen for children
    (There is also a common ticket with the Sato Taisei Memorial Museum of Art, Fukuchiyama City.)

    [Recommended spots around]
    〇Akechi Yabu
    For the development of the water transportation industry in the castle town and the Yura River
    The Yura River, which was a rampage river, was hydraulically controlled.
    Akechi Mitsuhide. The waterproof forest at that time
    It still remains as "Akechi Yabu".
    (5-minute walk from Fukuchiyama Castle)

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    14 minutes [ 1.1km ]
  • Goryo Shrine

    [Greetings to Ryo-kun and Mitsuhide who laid down good politics]
    It is a shrine where the spirit of Mitsuhide is enshrined in the shrine where the god of business was enshrined in honor of Mitsuhide's achievements that laid the foundation of the town. Mitsuhide's letter and the Iechu Military Law, which stipulates military discipline, are left behind.
    In the precincts, there are embankment shrines that have embankments that are rare in Japan.
    There is a "leaf stone" that is said to make your wish come true if you pray.
    (Time required: 30 minutes)

    Estimated staying time:15 minutes

    14 minutes [ 1.2km ]
  • JR Fukuchiyama Station

    After tasting Fukuchiyama, a town created by Akechi Mitsuhide, to your heart's content
    From Fukuchiyama Station, take the train bound for Higashi-Maizuru to Nishi-Maizuru Station.
    From Nishi-Maizuru Station, take the shuttle bus back to Maizuru Port.

    [Route example]
    Fukuchiyama Station == [JR] == Nishi-Maizuru Station ==
    18:29 departure 19:08 arrival
    19:22 departure 19:57 arrival (please board this train at the latest)

    == [Shuttle Bus] == Maizuru Port No. 2 Pier

    30 minutes
  • JR Nishi-Maizuru Station

    10 minutes(Shuttle bus)
  • JR Fukuchiyama Station-Port of Kyoto terminal2

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