Refresh in Ayabe-Travel around by bicycle-

  • Time required: 5 h
  • Transportation: TRAINBICYCLE

~ A leisurely trip around Ayabe City ~
After doing zazen in the bamboo forest and refreshing your heart, this is a lot of courses to learn the history of Gunze at Ayabe Gunze Square! !!

  • Port of Kyoto terminal2

    10 minutes(Shuttle bus)
  • JR Nishi-Maizuru Station

    20 minutes
  • Ayabe Station ~ Ayabe Tourist Information Center

    Business hours: 8: 30-17: 00
    Lending amount: Bicycle 300 yen for the first 4 hours
    100 yen every hour thereafter
    Bicycle 600 yen for 1-day rental
    Settlement: When returning the bicycle
    Deposit: 1,000 yen (returned when returned)

    15 minutes [ 2km ]
  • Nachisan Shorekiji Temple

    You can experience zazen in the bamboo grove.
    Unify the spirit in a quiet bamboo grove! Please have time to face yourself.
    (Reservation required)

    Estimated staying time:90 minutes

    7 minutes [ 1.1km ]
  • Omoto Shinen

    The deep green interior of Oomoto Shrine is beautifully maintained. The flowers of the four seasons bloom to soothe the visitors. Among them, the autumn leaves are exceptionally beautiful.

    Estimated staying time:20 minutes

    15 minutes [ 1.4km ]
  • Ayabe Gunze Square

    A tourist spot consisting of three facilities: Ayabe Specialty Museum, Gunze Museum, and Ayabe Rose Garden.
    You can enjoy both tours and shopping. The "Rose Festival" is also held in spring and autumn.
    Miraizo will be renewed in June 2019! Introducing the latest products and technologies of Gunze.
    You can enjoy sweets made with Ayabe tea at the coffee-free cafe "Ayacha café" in the special product hall.

    Estimated staying time:60 minutes

    15 minutes [ 1.4km ]
  • Ayabe Tourist Information Center

    Bicycle rental return

    20 minutes
  • Port of Kyoto terminal2

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