To Kyotango, which is too beautiful! Tango Peninsula course via Amanohashidate / Ine

  • Time required: 7 h
  • Transportation: CAR

It is a cycling and drive course with a superb view of Kyoto "Kyotango" in the sea that will open your mind! !!
Experience the wonderful scenery while experiencing the beauty of nature.
Enjoy a spectacular trip around the coastline of "Amanohashidate" ⇒ "Ine no Funaya" ⇒ "Kyotango", cycling and driving.

  • Port of Kyoto terminal2

    42 minutes [ 25.5km ]
  • I can't stand the live feeling! Now a hot topic in Kyoto on the sea! e-BIKE (Sports Model Electric Assisted Bicycle) Guided Tour / Rental

    Around Tango Peninsula, a premium experience of renting or touring the latest e-BIKE is popular!
    There are many spots on the course, such as Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, Asoumi, Funaya in Ine, and Kyotango in Sanin Kaigan Geopark, where you can enjoy local gourmet food, fruit sweets, and one-day hot springs.
    ★ From July 1, 2020, you can use the Kyoto e-BIKE coupon discount for the sea (e-BIKE rental only).

  • Amanohashidate (Amanohashidate Viewland)

    "Amanohashidate" in Miyazu Bay is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, along with "Matsushima" in the land and "Miyajima" in Aki. It is a sandy beach made of sand spits with a total length of about 3.6 km, and it is a rare terrain with about 8,000 large and small pine trees.
    This is "Amanohashidate Viewland", one of the two major observatories in Amanohashidate. The view from here is called "Hiryukan", and it looks like a dragon is flying up to the heavens.

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

  • Introducing !! Amanohashidate e-BIKE Rental & Guided Tour

    The e-BIKE is a sports model electrically power assisted bicycle that uses the same frame parts as a high-end road bike. E-BIKE ride is recommended for Amanohashidate !!

    * E-BIKE rental and guided tour meeting place is Hashidate Bay Hotel.

    40 minutes [ 26.5km ]
  • Funaya group in Ine

    The first floor is a garage for boats, and the second floor is a funaya with a traditional building structure that serves as a secondary room. Approximately 230 boathouses are lined up around 5km of Ine Bay.
    You can get in touch with the life and culture by taking a walk on land or looking out from the boat.
    * Funaya in Ine is privately owned, and the site is also privately owned, so please do not invade without permission of the owner. Also, please refrain from taking pictures or videos without the permission of the residents.

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    27 minutes [ 17.9km ]
  • This is recommended when you go to Ine !! e-BIKE (sports model electrically assisted bicycle) guided tour / rental

    It is a premium experience to rent or tour the latest electrically power assisted bicycles.
    It is very difficult to walk around Ine Bay, which stretches for 5km all around, and many people end up watching only a few spots. Electric-assisted bicycles can run quietly and stress-free even on long distances and slopes, and are ideal for enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of Ine with your whole body.

  • Kyogamisaki Lighthouse

    It is located at the tip of the Tango Peninsula, the northernmost point in the Kinki region. Using only six of the finest lenses nationwide, we have been protecting the safety of ships for over a century. The inside of the lighthouse is open to the public every year in early November.

    Estimated staying time:15 minutes

    10 minutes [ 6.2km ]
  • Ukawa Onsen "Yoshino no Sato"

    【Important Notices】
    Due to the need to repair the facilities of the bathing facility, the hot springs will not be available from February 22, 2nd year of Reiwa to the end of September 2nd year of Reiwa (scheduled). We accept reservations for accommodation and campsites.

    It is a hot spring located in Ukawa, Tango-cho, between Tango Matsushima and Kyogamine, which are famous for their scenic spots. You can see the Sea of ​​Japan and it is on a hill, so it has an open atmosphere!

    Estimated staying time:60 minutes

    8 minutes [ 4.9km ]
  • Tango Matsushima (Observatory)

    Tango Matsushima is called "Tango Matsushima" because its scenery resembles Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. These have been selected as one of the 200 Nature Selections in Saninkaigan Geopark Kyoto.
    It is one of the representative scenery of Tango Peninsula.

    Estimated staying time:15 minutes

    7 minutes [ 4.5km ]
  • Tateiwa of Taiza

    A large columnar providence basalt "Tateiwa" rises in the sandbar at the mouth of the river. It is one of the few natural rocks in Japan with a circumference of about 1 km. It is a scenic spot that has been selected as one of the "100 Views of Kyoto". It is also a typical spot on the Tango Peninsula.

    Estimated staying time:10 minutes

    33 minutes [ 21.5km ]
  • Yuhigaura

    A beach with a beautiful sunset. Ryokan are lined up around the beach full of resort feeling, and you can go to the beach immediately from the inn. "Beach Blanco Yurari" at Yuhigaura Beach is famous as an Instagram spot ♪

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

  • Rent a bicycle and go cycling in Kumihama!

    Let's rent a bicycle at the "Kumihama Town Tourist Information Center" in Kumihama Station and enjoy the "Kami no Hakoba Area"!
    ◆ Usage time 9:00 to 17:00 (reception until 16:00)
    ◆ Usage time 400 yen / day * Including insurance premiums
    ◆ Bicycle rental station
    ◎ Kumihama Station, Shotenkyo Station Food Shop Miuraya, Shotenkyo Tourism Association

    10 minutes [ 6.8km ]
  • Shotenkyo / Kuzunohama

    Shotenkyo Kazura no Hama in Kumihama Town. It is a beautiful beach with shallow and clear sea and white sand and blue pine trees.

    Estimated staying time:15 minutes

    95 minutes [ 64.3km ]
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