Rent a bicycle to walk around the castle town of Maizuru & Yoshiwara & eat seafood

  • Time required: 5 h
  • Transportation: WALK

Satisfaction of the heart and stomach.
The Nishi-Maizuru area prospered as a castle town, and even now, the scenery of the temple town at that time remains in places. At the Toretore Center, you can taste the fresh seafood landed in the Sea of ​​Japan. After enjoying Maizuru's famous kamaboko handmade experience using local fish, head to the Yoshiwara area, which retains the atmosphere of a fisherman's town.

  • Port of Kyoto terminal2

    10 minutes(Shuttle bus)
  • Nishi-Maizuru Station

    Rent a bicycle at Maizuru Tourist Station.

    Rental charge
    Within 1 hour 300 yen
    Within 3 hours 500 yen
    After that, 100 yen will be added every hour.

    * We will keep a deposit of 1,000 yen per unit. (Refund when returned)

    10 minutes [ 0.9km ]
  • Teramachi area (Asashiro Shrine, Guilin Temple, etc.)

    The scenery of the temple town at the foot of the mountain is still alive, leaving the impression of a merchant town that prospered as a commercial port during the Edo period.

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    15 minutes [ 1.2km ]
  • Maizuru Port Toretore Center

    The largest seafood market on the Sea of ​​Japan side. The system is very popular, where you can have the fish, crabs, shellfish, shrimp, etc. lined up in the store cooked in front of you and eat them immediately as seafood grilled or sashimi.

    Estimated staying time:60 minutes

    22 minutes [ 1.8km ]
  • Kamaboko handmade experience workshop

    You can enjoy the handmade experience of Maizuru's specialty "Maizuru Kamaboko" using local fish. (Reservation required)
    Start time: 14:30
    Fee: 2000 yen (minimum 3 people)
    Inquiries: 0773-77-5400 (Maizuru Wide Area Tourism Corporation)

    Estimated staying time:90 minutes

    8 minutes [ 0.7km ]
  • Yoshihara Irie

    A fisherman town area where you can enjoy the old-fashioned retro scenery.
    Also known as "Venice of the East", it has become famous as a photo spot in recent years.

    Estimated staying time:10 minutes

    19 minutes [ 1.5km ]
  • Tanabe Castle Ruins

    The Tanabe Castle Siege, which was the outpost of the Battle of Sekigahara, was unfolded. Currently, it is Maizuru Park with the stone wall left, and the museum displays historical materials of successive castle owners centered on Hosokawa Fujitaka and the castle town of Tanabe.

    Estimated staying time:30 minutes

    6 minutes [ 0.5km ]
  • Nishi-Maizuru Station

    Return your bicycle at the Maizuru Tourist Station.

    10 minutes(Shuttle bus)
  • 舞鶴といえば「まいづる海自カレー」!


  • 京都舞鶴港第2埠頭